About Us

ESSO Light Decor integrates a multi-disciplinary approach in its design and sourcing services. Specializing in high-end lighting, architectural and landscape lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Our team of trusted Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers and Media Entertainment Specialists create balanced, well-designed and structurally sound products and spaces. Paramount attention is given to design, detail and execution meeting every client’s expectations. 

Expanded Services


  • Design functional and aesthetically desirable plans
  • Provide 2D/3D Drawings
  • Work intensively with "body" models and section models of varying scale.

Structural Engineers

  • Land Surveying
  • Assess impact from any structural modifications 

Interior & Lighting Designers

  • Space planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Renderings
  • Finish Material Selections
  • Custom made Interior/ Exterior Furnishings
  • Source and Select Interior/Exterior Accessories

 Landscape Designers

  • Site assessment
  • Detailed measurements of elevation, width and depth
  • Conceptual Design
  • Source and Select
  • Landscape Projections

Artisans/ Craftsman

  • Extensive knowledge of hard surfaces and specialty finishes
  • Able to execute specialty finishes
  • Able to handle valuable and rare materials 

 Dedicated Project Managers

  • Professional Accounting and Financial Management
  • On time scheduling and professional management
  • Permit research, pre-qualification and expediting service
  • Excellent communication, responsiveness and follow-up

We share your love of tasteful design and look forward to collaborating with you. We're happy to answer questions or help you with returns. Please fill out the form below if you need assistance or have an inquiry.